Being the Operations Manager at EuroGrupp, Srikanth Ramarao is the face of the group company EuroMetal FZE.

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Srikanth has over 18 years specialized experience in almost every aspect of metal and glass interior fit-out, right from estimation, production and material co-ordination to specialist metal finishes and sub-contractor management.

Srikanth is a very work-centric individual, and even his leisure activities are related to interior finishes and collecting design literature.  Being a firm believer in the ultimate victory of simplicity as a way of life, Srikanth brings patience, perseverance and personal integrity to every aspect of his work ethic.

A vast storehouse of knowledge regarding specialized metal solutions for interiors, and known for his soft- spoken helping nature, Srikanth doubles up as the corporate guide and mentor for a lot of the younger cadre of engineers within the organization.