A veteran of the specialist interior fit-out & furniture industry with over 25 years of experience spanning the Middle East and Asia, Mani Marks is General Manager of EuroGrupp and its associated companies.

After completing his graduate degree in Chemistry and MBA from Bangalore University, India in 1984, Mani joined forces with two graduates from the NID (National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India), and set up his first entrepreneurial venture, Studioline Interior Systems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. Mani helped pioneer the concept of designer furniture and professional design services in India in the early 80’s, and was recognized by a 1992 cover feature in INSIDE OUTSIDE, India’s premier design magazine.

During a 6 month sabbatical, Mani moved to the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, where he worked under Harvard educated management guru, Prof. J. Philip and Dr. Kalyani Gandhi, an authority on Organizational Behaviour and Industrial Relations, during which period he picked-up exceptional motivational skills and people skills.

In 1994, Mani moved to Dubai, where he set-up a high end niche furniture manufacturing company LaTouche, under the patronage of an Emirati businessman. After setting up and commissioning this facility, he moved out to work for some of the biggest and most recognized names in the furnishing industry in the Middle East, including Zubair Furnishing Oman, KONTRA Bahrain, Interiors International Industries Dubai, and Dubai Metal Fabrications Sharjah.

In 2005, he joined forces with technocrat Asian entrepreneur, Ajith K. Pai, Managing Director and Technical Mentor at EuroGrupp, where he was given the mandate of bringing in strategic management initiatives, organizational re-structuring and developing a corporate brand image across the various group companies.

Committed to developing creativity within organizations, Mani also promotes excellence at all levels and is a die-hard believer that people can be trained to strive to be the best, if only the proper training and opportunity is given, and thoroughly enjoys bringing out the best in employees at all level.

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