Benson Vas is the quintessential Muscateer of the band of managers at EuroGrupp.

After having spent one-and-a-half decades with international furniture/component manufacturers like Earl Bihari Company India, Zubair Furnishing Muscat and other manufacturing companies in the Middle East, Benson brings professional skills in procurement, logistics and effective administration to the organization, in his demanding position of Manager-Purchase & Admin.

Being of jovial nature and sociable by innate skill, Benson is the bonding factor between various organizational levels within EuroGrupp, cajoling, explaining, sometimes demanding, but all roles applied with the final aim of ‘getting the job done’.

Benson believes that the implicit trust placed on him by the senior management, especially considering the sensitive nature of his position within the organization, has inspired him to strive to even higher levels of performance, both in his professional and personal life.