A mechanical engineer by natural constitution and mental make-up, Ajay Kamath formalized his natural affinities with a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, India in 2004.

After a brief stint as a Planning Executive with Rittal India Pvt. Ltd., a leading industrial metal enclosure company based in Bangalore, India, Ajay moved to the Middle East as one of the first executive staff in the newly incorporated EuroDubai Metal Industries LLC, the frontrunner EuroGrupp Company in 2005.

Being a go-getter by nature, with a natural affinity for problem solving, Ajay soon moved from Project Engineer to Project Manager in 2008, confronting and executing a number of challenging and record breaking projects in the metal and glass interior fit-out arena along the way.

In his current position as Project Manager at EuroGrupp, Ajay uses his multi-tasking ability and ‘tech savvy’ skills, not only for arriving at pragmatic solutions to complex design issues but also in the avatar as the EuroGrupp informal IT guru….

On a personal level, Ajay loves the fast life with the ‘need for speed’ Honda Accord Limited Edition or his Nikon D-3000 DSLR….